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Precision Wheel Alignments in West Palm Beach, FL

Does your vehicle list to one side even though you're holding the steering wheel straight? You may need to visit Weber Wheel Inc. for wheel alignments in West Palm Beach, FL. Our ASE-certified mechanics have experience with a variety of makes and models of vehicles and can help get your car or truck back on the road safely and promptly. Get in touch with our friendly staff today to schedule steering alignments, suspension repairsbrake repairs, or tire installation.

The Importance of Regular Wheel Alignment Services

Many cars don't have a specific schedule requirement for steering alignments, but we recommend having them done every two to three years or whenever you have new tires installed. If you have a sportier vehicle or one with wide tires, you should consider aligning them more often. In addition, you should schedule alignments if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Vehicle Pulls to Left or Right
  • Uneven or Rapid Tire Wear
  • Steering Wheel Is Crooked while Driving Straight
  • Squealing Tires

Wheels that pull and pulsate can mean problems for you. Not only does wheel alignment extend the life of your tires, but it also improves driving safety and comfort. After all, nobody wants to have a shaky and unsteady ride. Let our team set things straight when you stop by our shop. We provide car alignment repair by using state-of-the-art equipment to line up the wheels and minimize vehicle shaking, tire wear, and steering problems.

During your visit, you can schedule any number of vehicle services. In addition to our alignment services, we provide tire repair, tire installation, suspension replacement, front end alignment, and brake repair. So, whatever issue you’re having with your wheels, we can fix it! 

What Causes Alignment Problems?

In order to maintain smooth and straight steering, your vehicle’s tires need to be properly installed, aligned, and balanced. Over time, a variety of factors contribute to wheel misalignment. Every bump, twist, and turn on the road gradually pulls your tires out of alignment. You may notice this happening if your vehicle shakes or vibrates when you drive. Fortunately, this is a completely fixable issue, though it isn’t one you should put off for too long.

The more you drive your vehicle with unbalanced or misaligned wheels, the more your tires suffer from uneven tread wear – and the more noticeable the problem. This becomes a serious safety hazard when left unchecked. Over time, your misaligned tires may put unnecessary stress on the suspension of your vehicle, which could end up being more costly than you’d expect. If you suspect your vehicle needs a front-end alignment or suspension replacement, bring it to our auto shop for an inspection.

Contact us for an inspection if you think you need alignment services or new tires. We proudly serve customers throughout West Palm Beach, FL, and the surrounding areas.


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